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Muzzleloader Hunting and Shooting

There are those hunters who like a challenge. Muzzleloader hunting is one challenge that caught on throughout America and has really come a long way since it started a few decades ago. Still though, when loading from the muzzle the rule and the principle remains the same.

Here at Camping Hunting Shooting we have an inventory of the latest rifles from Thompson Center and Savage.

From the traditional Hawken .50 caliber flintlock to the modern Omega Z5 series with breech protection on some models and the sleek appearance of a modern rifle, drilled and ready for a scope on others, Thompson is making the sport of muzzeloading more advanced than ever before.

Savage Arms is right there with Thompson Center. They have added safety features like completely depressed triggers before firing and teardrop safeties to insure a more dependable and safe percussion.

They both have taken the dirty work of cleaning. The traditional rifles it seemed had to be cleaned after nearly every shot. Now a better and more efficient process exists, especially with the models that strictly rely on smokeless powders.

The Thompson Premium Pack Omega allows you to purchase a kit with everything needed to begin learning to use your rifle.

For the beginner, having someone familiar with using and teaching the proper maintenance on a muzzleloader is a big plus to getting started.

At Camping Hunting Shooting we sell hundreds of various tools, solvents, and lubricants to keep your muzzleloader clean of residue from firing that can lead to problems if not maintained in a timely manner. Balls, bullets and the speedy and accurate sabots come in several designs and weights depending on your need.

For misfires, that do occur, a ramrod accessory kit is essential to pull the ball or bullet left in the muzzle and other utensils for proper care of the muzzle to insure the misfire is a rare occurrence. Moisture and improper loading are two of the main reasons misfires will occur in muzzleloaders.

Safety is a critical part of loading, maintaining, and firing a muzzleloader. Knowing how much powder to use and the proper size of the bullet is just one of these guidelines.

There are several more guidelines to follow to insure proper safety and handling of a muzzleloader. Follow these precautions and you to will find this to be a challenging and effective way to hunt and enjoy the sport of shooting.

Accessory Equipment

Product DescriptionManufacturerPreview
No. 9 Nitro Powder Solvent 2 oz AerosolHoppes Accessory EquipmentNo. 9 Nitro Powder Solvent 2 oz Aerosol
Priming Tool, 209 X 50, EncoreThompson Center Accessory EquipmentPriming Tool, 209 X 50, Encore
In-Line Breech CoverThompson Center Accessory EquipmentIn-Line Breech Cover
Powder Spout for Pyrodex ContainerThompson Center Accessory EquipmentPowder Spout for Pyrodex Container
In-Line Musket Capper, U-View, Holds 8 Musket CapsThompson Center Accessory EquipmentIn-Line Musket Capper, U-View, Holds 8 Musket Caps
Musket Nipple for Traditional Cap Lock (1/4X 28 Threads)Thompson Center Accessory EquipmentMusket Nipple for Traditional Cap Lock (1/4X 28 Threads)
Breech Plug Brush for .50 Caliber In-LineThompson Center Accessory EquipmentBreech Plug Brush for .50 Caliber In-Line
No "13 Plus" Bore Cleaner - 8oz BottleThompson Center Accessory EquipmentNo
Nipple, Stainless SteelThompson Center Accessory EquipmentNipple, Stainless Steel
T-Style Hunter Bullet Starter - BlackenedTraditions Accessory Equipment 
Wedge pin Puller w/ Built in Nipple WrenchThompson Center Accessory EquipmentWedge pin Puller w/ Built in Nipple Wrench
Natural Lube 1000 Plus "Bore Butter" IN A Tube (5oz)Thompson Center Accessory EquipmentNatural Lube 1000 Plus bore butter in a tube (5oz)
In-Line Cleaning SystemThompson Center Accessory EquipmentIn-Line Cleaning System
In Line Capper (Brass) Holds 17 No 11 CapsThompson Center Accessory EquipmentIn Line Capper (Brass) Holds 17 No 11 Caps
Disc Primer 100 pack OrangeKnight Accessory Equipment 
Multi-Use Combination Tool for ContenderThompson Center Accessory EquipmentMulti-Use Combination Tool for Contender
Breech Plug Wrench for Encore 209X50 MagThompson Center Accessory EquipmentBreech Plug Wrench for Encore 209X50 Mag
Magnum 4-n-1 Quick Shot .50 CaliberThompson Center Accessory EquipmentMagnum 4-n-1 Quick Shot .50 Caliber
Deluxe In Line Breech Plug Wrench/209 Adapter WrenchThompson Center Accessory EquipmentDeluxe In Line Breech Plug Wrench/209 Adapter Wrench
4 Way Combo Tool (Brass)Thompson Center Accessory Equipment4 Way Combo Tool (Brass)
Patch PullerKnight Accessory Equipment 
Disc Extreme Conversion KitKnight Accessory EquipmentDisc Extreme Conversion Kit
Gorilla Grease, 1/4 ozThompson Center Accessory EquipmentGorilla Grease, 1/4 oz
Dog Bone Capper for 209 PrimersThompson Center Accessory EquipmentDog Bone Capper for 209 Primers
Premium Agate Flints (Per 3)Thompson Center Accessory EquipmentPremium Agate Flints (Per 3)
Aluminum Ramrod forThunderHawk, Fire Hawk, Scout, Encore .50 CalThompson Center Accessory EquipmentAluminum Ramrod forThunderHawk, Fire Hawk, Scout, Encore .50 Cal
209 Flex CapperThompson Center Accessory Equipment209 Flex Capper
Flex Priming Palm SaverThompson Center Accessory EquipmentFlex Priming Palm Saver
Buttstock Flex LoaderThompson Center Accessory EquipmentButtstock Flex Loader
Hunters Choice Muzzleloading Accessory KitThompson Center Accessory EquipmentHunters Choice Muzzleloading Accessory Kit
Brush & Swab SetTraditions Accessory Equipment 
Breech Plug Wrench for Encore ProHunterThompson Center Accessory EquipmentBreech Plug Wrench for Encore ProHunter
Speed Breech PlugThompson Center Accessory EquipmentSpeed Breech Plug
Muzzleload MultilubeHornady Accessory EquipmentMuzzleload Multilube
Ammo Tubes, 50Cal (Per 3)Thompson Center Accessory EquipmentAmmo Tubes, 50Cal (Per 3)
Speed Shots 45/50Cal (Per 2)Thompson Center Accessory EquipmentSpeed Shots 45/50Cal (Per 2)
Breech Plug Encore 209X50, OmegaThompson Center Accessory EquipmentBreech Plug Encore 209X50, Omega
Breech Plug Thread CleanerThompson Center Accessory EquipmentBreech Plug Thread Cleaner
Encore Barrel Removal ToolThompson Center Accessory EquipmentEncore Barrel Removal Tool
Rip-Cord Flex Load, SingleThompson Center Accessory EquipmentRip-Cord Flex Load, Single
Breech Plug Tool Ring BrushThompson Center Accessory EquipmentBreech Plug Tool Ring Brush
Cotton Patches, 2 1/2 " (Per 100)Thompson Center Accessory EquipmentCotton Patches, 2 1/2
Barrel Case for T/C Contender / EncoreThompson Center Accessory EquipmentBarrel Case for T/C Contender / Encore
Muzzleloader Cleaner and LubeHornady Accessory EquipmentMuzzleloader Cleaner and Lube
Spin Extended Super Jag 50CalThompson Center Accessory EquipmentSpin Extended Super Jag 50Cal
CR-10 Bore CleanerBarnes Bullets Accessory EquipmentCR-10 Bore Cleaner
4-N-1 Quick ShotThompson Center Accessory Equipment 
Ball, Bullet, & WadPuller (10X32 Threads)Thompson Center Accessory EquipmentBall, Bullet, & WadPuller (10X32 Threads)
Ball/Bullet StarterThompson Center Accessory EquipmentBall/Bullet Starter
Cotton Patches, Prelubricated (Per 100)Thompson Center Accessory EquipmentCotton Patches, Prelubricated (Per 100)
Magnum Quick ShotThompson Center Accessory EquipmentMagnum Quick Shot
Pillow Ticking Patches, PrelubricatedThompson Center Accessory EquipmentPillow Ticking Patches, Prelubricated
Muzzleloader Aligner ToolBarnes Bullets Accessory EquipmentMuzzleloader Aligner Tool
Nipple WrenchThompson Center Accessory EquipmentNipple Wrench
Flame ThrowerThompson Center Accessory EquipmentFlame Thrower
CapperTraditions Accessory Equipment 
Extended Super JagThompson Center Accessory EquipmentExtended Super Jag
Ramrod Accessory KitThompson Center Accessory EquipmentRamrod Accessory Kit
Encore ButtstockThompson Center Accessory EquipmentEncore Buttstock
T17 AccessoriesThompson Center Accessory EquipmentT17 Accessories
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Balls, Sabots & Bullets

Product DescriptionManufacturerPreview
Maxi-Ball Prelubricated Bullets, .50 Caliber 370 Grain (per 20)Thompson Center Balls, Sabots & BulletsMaxi-Ball Prelubricated Bullets, .50 Caliber 370 Grain (per 20)
Cheap-Shot Sabot .50 Cal w/ .44 240 Grain Lead BulletThompson Center Balls, Sabots & BulletsCheap-Shot Sabot .50 Cal w/ .44 240 Grain Lead Bullet
Shot Wad 3 1/2" w/ Overshot Wads 20 Per PackKnight Balls, Sabots & Bullets 
Super XR Sabots, .45 Caliber, 180 Grain, XTP (Per 30)Thompson Center Balls, Sabots & BulletsSuper XR Sabots, .45 Caliber, 180 Grain, XTP (Per 30)
Lead Round BallsSpeer Balls, Sabots & BulletsLead Round Balls
Bulk Mag Express SabotsThompson Center Balls, Sabots & BulletsBulk Mag Express Sabots
Maxi-Hunter Prelubricated BulletsThompson Center Balls, Sabots & BulletsMaxi-Hunter Prelubricated Bullets
54 Caliber Expander MuzzleloaderBarnes Bullets Balls, Sabots & Bullets 
50 CaliberHornady Balls, Sabots & Bullets50 Caliber
50 Caliber SabotHornady Balls, Sabots & Bullets50 Caliber Sabot
54 CaliberHornady Balls, Sabots & Bullets54 Caliber
Mag Express Sabots w/30 XTP BulletsThompson Center Balls, Sabots & BulletsMag Express Sabots w/30 XTP Bullets
Saboted Bullets, LeadKnight Balls, Sabots & BulletsSaboted Bullets, Lead
Copper Mag Ballistic Point Black Belt BulletsMDM Balls, Sabots & Bullets 
45 Caliber Sabots (Tan)Hornady Balls, Sabots & Bullets45 Caliber Sabots (Tan)
Partition-HG SabotsNosler Balls, Sabots & Bullets 
Sabots OnlyHornady Balls, Sabots & BulletsSabots Only
Lead BallsHornady Balls, Sabots & BulletsLead Balls
Bonded Shock Wave SabotsThompson Center Balls, Sabots & BulletsBonded Shock Wave Sabots
Spit-Fire T MZBarnes Bullets Balls, Sabots & BulletsSpit-Fire T MZ
45 Caliber Expander MZ BulletsBarnes Bullets Balls, Sabots & Bullets45 Caliber Expander MZ Bullets
Jim Shockey PackNosler Balls, Sabots & Bullets 
Super Glide SabotsThompson Center Balls, Sabots & BulletsSuper Glide Sabots
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Product DescriptionManufacturerPreview
1858 Remington New ArmyTraditions Handguns 
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Product DescriptionManufacturerPreview
Hawken Rifle,50 Caliber, Flint Lock, 28" Barrel (Right Hand)Thompson Center RiflesHawken Rifle,50 Caliber, Flint Lock, 28
Disc Elite Rifle, 45 Cal., Blued, Composite StockKnight Rifles 
Revolution Rifle, 50 Caliber, Stainless Steel, Composite StockKnight Rifles 
Omega Z5, 50 CaliberThompson Center RiflesOmega Z5, 50 Caliber
10MLBTSS-II, 50 Caliber, 24" BarrelSavage Arms Rifles 
10MLBSS-II 50 Caliber, 24" BarrelSavage Arms Rifles 
Omega Z5 Muzzle Loader, .50 CAL with Weather Shield/HW CamoThompson Center RiflesOmega Z5 Muzzle Loader, .50 CAL with Weather Shield/HW Camo
Omega Z5 Premium Pack, 50 Cal., Black CompositeThompson Center RiflesOmega Z5 Premium Pack, 50 Cal., Black Composite
Omega .50 Caliber RifleThompson Center RiflesOmega .50 Caliber Rifle
Evolution LD Bolt-Action RifleTraditions Rifles 
10ML-II w/AccuTriggerSavage Arms Rifles10ML-II w/AccuTrigger
Triumph MuzzloaderThompson Center RiflesTriumph Muzzloader
Firestorm FlintLockThompson Center RiflesFirestorm FlintLock
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