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"Me get lost, why I have a built in compass."

We wonder how many times that has been said before someone finally finds their way back to their vehicle or campsite. However, those who are prepared with the proper compass or GPS never have to worry about getting lost.

Camping Hunting Shooting offers compasses and GPS devices along with health and fitness instruments, metal detectors, cameras for scouting game, weather instruments and solar equipment.

GPS Units

A GPS is a very useful instrument for the hunter, backpacker, backcountry enthusiast, and those who use different types of ATV's. Even if you are just trying to find that camping spot in your pickup, a GPS can be a blessing to help you find your destination. When all else fails or you want it the old fashioned way north is still north and a compass will point you in that direction.

Silva Fitness and Weather Instruments & Monitors

Silva is a leading manufacturer of health and fitness aids as well as a variety of different type of monitors, which you may need when enjoying the outdoors. For example, Silva produces monitors such as weather monitors used for keeping you aware of your body's condition, monitors used to inform you of how far you have traveled from your camp or vehicle, and monitors for the atmospheric conditions and altitude you are actually experiencing.

Trail Cameras

Have you ever wondered how big the rack is on the buck that made a scrape. Let one of our many cameras to select from give you a personal up close look at him. To help keep your camera's battery life going so you will not miss that chance to see him check out our solar panels for charging batteries. For those hunting buddies who do not believe the one that got away was as big as you said, check out our binoculars with built in image capabilities to store images that you viewed.

Metal Detectors

Something that is really good for the body and also profitable, is taking a metal detector out for an afternoon of walking and searching for objects that you might find to be interesting and valuable. Our line of Gold Century detectors come in different levels of accuracy and sensitivity depending on if you are a novice or really want to get serious about this as a hobby. We also supply all the accessories that go along with this enjoyable pastime.

Camping Hunting Shooting carries the supplies, which you need to keep your direction straight, the weather conditions and altitude on your wrist and find those coins that have been buried for years all while enjoying your time spent outdoors.

Atmospheric Measuring

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Solar Equipment

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